Culturohistorical landscape of Hakoinen

The culturohistorical landscape of Hakoinen at the southern part of Janakkala parish is nationally invaluable. At the center there is the majestic Hakoinen castle hill that offers spectacular, wide views outlooking all the way to Riihimäki and Aulanko National park of Hämeenlinna.

The landscape has been shaped over times. Great formations have been molded during the Ice Age and later by men, such as the hilly riverside fields of Räikälänjoki that date back to Iron Age and the Hakoinen mansion that was built at turn of the 19th century.

The largest lake of Janakkala, lake Kernaala collects waters from four major rivers of the area. Behind the lake the tall chimney stack of Tervakoski paper factory comes into view. The old paper factory celebrated 200 years of papermaking history in 2018.

culturohistorical landscape of Hakoinen, Janakkala