Welcome to Laurinmäki!


Laurinmäki area is a true treasure filled with history, culture and Finnish nature, located in a village surrounding the Janakkala medieval stone church.

From the historical nature and culture site one can find ancient artifacts from Iron Age, trenches from World War 1 and Laurinmäki Crofter’s Museum. The open air museum offers a chance for a time travel stroll to the daily life of a crofter family in the late 19th century.

Laurinmäki nature trail starts from the Crofter’s Museum and follows a two-kilometer route in a beautifully diverse forest. The trail leads a hiker to the top of rocky Määkynmäki from which there are spectacular views to the direction of Lake Kernaala and Hakoinen Castle. There is also a shorter trail that leads to an old, protected pine tree.

During summer months there is a charming Culture café in the old, wooden Yellow House. Concerts and other cultural events are organized in the area all year round. Summertime also brings along the adorable summer guests, Finnish sheep and cows to the riverside field of Räikälänjoki.