Yellow house culture coffee shop Laurinmäki, Janakkala.

Events and the Yellow house Culture cafe´

There are various interesting events taking place at the Laurinmäki area! Summertime holds the busiest months of workshops, concerts and other cultural events as the Crofter’s Museum is also open. Wintertime has its own events too, such as the popular Christmas market at the end of November.

Yellow house

Arriving to Laurinmäki area visitors will first find the Yellow house, an idyllic culture and event venue and a coffee shop. The Yellow house is a beautiful, old chapel built in 1913. It has had many functions during the years and has served as a school and even as a clinic according to tradition. For years it was used as a storage house for the Crofter’s museum. In 2014 it was restored to its current purpose and has since become a lovely sanctuary for travelers to enjoy their coffee breaks and a lively venue for workshops, summer concerts and other events. The tickets for Crofter’s museum are also sold at the Yellow house.

We aim to continue developing the Yellow house as a cultural venue full of even more variable events and exhibitions. Culture café is open 8.6-7.8.2022 from 11am to 5pm, during events and on request.

Annual events

Nature-themed Opening of summer -event is organized usually at the second weekend of June together with Janakkalan luonto- ja ympäristöyhdistys ry. There are lots of activities and performances for children and for the whole family.

Taara Market is an annual history event organized at the end of August. The event is for everyone interested in history and cultural heritage. Performances and presenters, lectures, music and theater plays introduce history and heritage from various angles and eras. There is also a market that offers handcrafts, harvest products etc.

Janakkala Welcomes Christmas starts the Christmas season at the end of November at the idyllic Laurinmäki Crofter’s museum. Christmas market offers lots of stalls filled with handcrafts, toys, Christmas delicacies and decorations. Performances and Christmas music lift the holiday mood and it is also possible to meet our guest of honor Santa Claus in person!

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