The milieu of Janakkala village with its medieval stone church, crofter’s museum, summer cafés and nature trails offers you an enjoyable trip to history. Nature is close everywhere in Janakkala. You only need to take a few steps away from the suburban asphalt and you can already dive into the arms of a mossy forest. Nature in Janakkala offers not only breathtaking views from rigdes and hills, damp marshlands with duckboards, fascinating canoe routes, numerous swimming and campfire places and wilderness scenery with its forest ponds, but also illuminated outdoor routes for brisk walks or cross-country skiing.

Big old red wooden house, old school.

Napiala Old School

Here you will find a Finnish school museum and variety of charming events. Visits to School museum have to be booked beforehand and there are open doors at the events.

During your visit you can have lunch either in the classroom or in the museum yard. There is also a barbeque area and clean outdoor toilets at your disposal.

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Old staff in shop museum.

Hyvikkälä Shop Museum

Shop museum, café and factory shop are all located nearby Hyvikkälä’s old school. In the remarkable collection of the museum you can find artifacts and products from the beginning of the 20th century to the 1970’s. Museum is open on sundays in the summer. Contact by phone. Free admission. Cafeteria.

Puuhamaa Theme Park

In Puuhamaa Theme Park there are a whole lot of things to do and to see! In the waterpark area of Puuhamaa you will find all the slides and pools one could ask for. The wildest daredevils face the challenges of the Crazy pipe or Surfing hill, while the more relaxed ones enjoy the steams of sauna or gentle splashes of the Tube river. At the park area you can ride boats and motor rides that will offer the thrill of speed and splashes of water for the young and the old. In addition there are variety of other attractions, such as Niagara-slides, loopster, miniature golf, softball cannons and many other gadgets. Puuhamaa Theme park also has tree restaurants and two kiosks.

Lake and rocks.

Lake Mallinkaistenjärvi

At Lake Mallinkaistenjärvi, there is a municipality-owned forested hiking area, where you can find beautiful lakeshore for swimming and four open air fireplaces with lean-to’s. In many places along the trails following the lakeside, there are great steep rocks such as Valskerinkallio. At Saparonniemi grows ash trees and forest lindens that are protected by Nature Conservation Act.

Map of the area.
Big spring.

Someronlähde spring and ridges

There is an extensive sequence of longitudinal ridges going from Hausjärvi through Janakkala and all the way to Hämeenlinna. The ridges were formed after the ice age when melting water separated different soils from each other. The rougher grounds formed ridges to the soil which enables the absorption of rainwater and melting water into the groundwater. In fact, the ridges are the secret of the good quality of household water in Janakkala.
The finest open-surfaced spring in the ridge area is Someronlähde. A spring is formed when ground water inside the earth reaches the surface and erupts as surface water. The spring has biota of its own kind which flourishes all year round in cold water and shade.
The trails crisscrossing on top of the ridge and the ridge area are great for hiking even longer distances. You can hike along the ridge almost persistently from Turenki to Kolmilammi in Hausjärvi. Near Someronlähde spring at the hut of Janakkalan latu hikers have a lean-to at their disposal.

Map of the area
Man sitting in wet swamp.

Suurisuo swamp

Suurisuo swamp-area has great hiking opportunities along duckboards. Suurisuo belongs to Natura network and it is one of the most remarkable swamps in Southern Tavastia. The swamp complex is an example of a Southern Finnish ombrotrophic raised bog which also has some features of a minerotrophic bog. In an ombrotrophic raised bog the middle part of the swamp is raised, low in nutrients and depends on rain waters. More nutritious waters flow to the edges of the swamp which shows in more eutrophic types of swamps on edge zones. In the swamp, you can see the types of swamps typical of a Southern Finnish ombrotrophic raised bog which are illustrated at pole-marked locations, the brochure and the web pages. Nature in the swamp is diverse, on the edges there are deep forests and pine bogs; there is a treeless bog in the middle. There are numerous endangered and rare plant and insect species and birds at Suurisuo. There is also a bird watching tower and great berry picking areas at Suurisuo.

Map of the area.
Pyhän Laurin kirkko ja kellotapuli

Church of St. Lawrence

The Church of St. Lawrence is the youngest medieval stone church in Häme (Tavastia) region. It was probably consecrated on September 19, 1520. Its builder is considered to be Åke Tott, the Lord of Häme Castle at that time. Therefore three coats of arms of the Tott family are still…

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Kalpalinna Bike Park

Kalpalinna Bike Park | Lift and zone

Kalpalinna offers ski slopes for all levelled downhill skiers and snowboarders and from Bike park you can have extreme experiences: Downhill biking for all levels. Kalpalinna is a well known ski center and bike park in Janakkala, Turenki. Due to central location in southern Finland Kalpalinna can be reached in…

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Kalpalinnan rinnekartta

Kalpalinna Ski Center

Kalpalinna offers ski slopes for all levelled downhill skiers and snowboarders. Kalpalinna is a well known ski center and bike park in Janakkala, Turenki. Due to central location in southern Finland Kalpalinna can be reached in one hour from Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti by car. Or fast with train, from…

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View from the hill top at Lastujärvi disc golf

Lastujärvi Disc Golf

A new 18-hole disc golf course near Turenki, opened in 2020 in a scenic location on the shores of Lake Lastujärvi. Remember to take others in the area into account. You throw at your own risk.

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Wild raspberry

Private Country Home Visit with Berry Picking in Tervakoski

A relaxing day at the country side. Get into a Finnish forest for a walk, feel the silence and pick up berries with your local hostess.

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Turengin kuntoportaat

Turenki Outdoor Exercise Stairs

Exercise stairs in Turenki has 140 steps and a length of 65 meters and is located on a steep hill. The exercise stairs are linked to an outdoor trail on the ridge. Not maintained in winter.

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"Malja elämälle" "For Life" Unique hand made paper by Riitta Tuutti

Studio Kino Riitta

Art Gallery nearby beautiful nature thrue the year. Movie Theater KINO Riitta since 1958. Paintings and Design articles, porcelain, ceramics, original jewelry by Julia Spirit , cloth, furniture Seasonal happenings and exhibitions.

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Ida Aalbergin museossa on näytteillä jäljennös Idan rooliasusta

Ida Aalberg Museum

Ida Aalberg (4 December 1857 – 17 January 1915) was the most notable and internationally known Finnish actress of her time. She was a member of the Theatre of Finland from 1874 to 1883 and later a regular visiting actress. She also performed on foreign scenes, in Scandinavia, Germany, Hungary…

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Kesäinen tapahtumapäivä Laurinmäen torpparimuseon pihapiirissä

Laurinmäki Crofter’s Museum

Laurinmäki area is a true treasure filled with history, culture and Finnish nature, located in a village surrounding the Janakkala medieval stone church. From the historical nature and culture area one can find sacred sites from Iron Age, trenches from World War 1 and Laurinmäki Crofter’s Museum. The open air…

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