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In the midpoint of Growth Corridor Finland

It’s great to be an entrepreneur in Janakkala

In Janakkala you live as if you were in the countryside but still close to well functioning services. There is no traffic congestion in Janakkala but the employment area covers still the whole capital region and a lot of other cities in Southern Finland. Land plots are bigger and considerably less expensive than in cities.

Berry and mushroom picking areas, swimming sites, jogging paths and ski tracks are close by. In addition to 150 associations, Vanajavesi Adult Education Centre and Sibelius Institute offer a great number of leisure activities from floorball to choral singing. There are lots of happenings in urban areas and villages, all year round. Janakkala provides excellent connections to the different parts of Southern Finland for both inhabitants and entrepreneurs – it’s only an hour’s drive to Helsinki and Tampere from there. To the nearest cities of Hämeenlinna and Riihimäki you can drive in just 15 minutes.

Janakkala has

  • excellent traffic connections
  • inexpensive prices per square meter for plots and commercial properties
  • a versatile provision of available commercial properties
  • a ready-made city plan that enables quick building
  • the kind of ground and terrain that enable inexpensive building
  • low employment costs
  • plenty of skilled and permanent work force
  • a customer-oriented service attitude in entrepreneurial services
  • expertise in all matters concerning relocation services
  • he will to take into account individual business solutions and needs
  • fast decision-making
  • firm timetables

In Janakkala you are in the middle of everything

For an enterprise, the location of Janakkala is excellent. Janakkala is located on Growth Corridor Finland, the core of national economic growth and competitiveness. This compact area holds 40% of the country’s jobs and this is where already about a half of the country’s companies’ revenue is made.

Helsinki-Tampere motorway and the main railway line run through the municipality. Also transverse traffic to the directions of Turku and Lahti runs very well.

There are vacant business and commercial plots in the municipality’s main urban areas Tervakoski and Turenki. Enterprise zone Rastikangas is located so close to Helsinki-Tampere motorway that it only takes a minute to get there. Rastikangas is part of Industrial Park MORE.

There are also plenty of different kinds of cooperation possibilities: there are ca. 800 enterprises operating in Janakkala. Moreover, the region has plenty of skilled and trained work force.

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Indutrial Park MORE

One of Finland’s key business development ecosystems, and the largest of its kind in the country, Industrial Park MORE is strategically located in Southern Finland. Supported by significant regional development initiatives and to be connected by a planned flyover junction, MORE spans two existing industrial parks – Rastikangas in the Municipality of Janakkala and Moreeni in the City of Hämeenlinna.

MORE’s strengths

  • Central location immediately by the motorway and the growing business hubs of Hämeenlinna and Janakkala
  • Agile relocation services tailored to your needs
  • Established infrastructure and environmental plan (site zoning is 2/3 complete, to be finalised by 2025)
  • Access to skilled workforce and less competition than in Tampere or the Helsinki Metropolitan Region
  • Easy-to-develop and cost-effective plots
  • A range of plot size and shape options – from pre-planned sites to individually tailored plots
  • Comprehensive, scalable services to match your business needs
  • Evolving service profile as the industrial park grows
  • Established and effective on-site circular economy solutions
  • Sustainable urban planning, with a focus on the circular economy, resource efficiency, and green energy solutions
  • Readiness to meet future High Capacity Transport (HCT) needs
  • Business-friendly and progressive region
  • Extensive cooperation with local higher education institutions
  • A compact and cohesive industrial park with outstanding internal connections

MORE offers comprehensive, tailored services for businesses. Our Relocation Services experts will find the right solution for you, and your company’s specific needs. We can also assist you in finding skilled labour, and the right networking, funding, and subcontracting opportunities. We will even help you and your family find a new home in the local area. All services are free of charge.

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Premises for enterprises of all sizes

The municipality´s business premises company Janakkalan Teollisuusalueet Oy (JTA) is responsible for building and renting in Janakkala. JTA offers competitive and functional spatial designs of premises for enterprises of all sizes, for many different purposes. JTA rents ready-built production and storage facilities or, if agreed upon, builds completely new commercial properties for rent. It is also possible to make different types of contracts on business premises. The contract can be made either on an existing property or a commercial property that is to be built separately for an enterprise.

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Contact information

Ismo Holstila
Vitality Manager
+358 3 680 1319
+358 50 591 5865
Master plans, commercial property zones and land aqcuisition.

Markus Myhrberg
Janakkalan Teollisuusalueet Oy
Managing Director
+358 40 568 9505
Enterprise zones, land plot and commercial property matters, JTA building management.

Aaltonen Antti
Company developer
Business and financial advice, investments, developing business ideas, changes of ownership.
+358 500 771 864