Personal shopping and local food.

Liisa Sauso Oy

Finnish high-quality handmade leather gloves since 1989. Also custom made when the gloves are made according to the measurements and wishes of the customer. In addition to gloves, Turenki shop/workshop has also other products for sale such as bags and accessories. To make sure that we are in attendance, please call us in advance. We also deliver gloves by mail.

Kinnalantie 9

14200 Turenki

Tel. 358405768646 Company webpage

Miinantori /Kiipula Gardens

Welcome to shop for organic and local food products at Miinantori! Miinantori shop is centrally located on the road to Kiipula, in an old stone barn.
At Miinantori you will find:
• Kiipula's fresh organic vegetables
• flowers grown in Kiipula( direct sale in summer)
• Café services: coffee, small things to eat, ice cream, soft drinks
• groceries
• student works, decorative and gift items

Kiipulantie 507

14200 Turenki

Tel. 358404563185 Company webpage

Auction Center Turenki

Auction house specialized in antique, decorative, collective and hobby items on the spot and online. We sell everything, welcome!

Alangontie 3

14200 Turenki

Tel. 358400484497 Company webpage

Tervakosken Coconut

A paper and craft shop that was established in 1993. More recently, handicraft supplies and yarns have also become a big part of the shop. We also arrange craft and handicraft courses upon demand, both in the shop and in the customer's own premises.

Tervalantie 4

12300 Tervakoski

Tel. 358504706693 Company webpage

Papurino & Paja´s shop

Personal products made of wood, metal, textiles and recyclable materials, designed and manufactured in the workshop in Janakkala. Nice gift ideas and goods for your home and yard.

Papurino is a design house of three passionate entrepreneurs. We design our products in finnish countryside in the middle of a vivid family life. We hope that we can capture a breeze of our culture, our personalities and our way of living to our works.

Papurino’s most popular products are wooden citymaps. They are a durable and beautiful memory of a city that has special place in your heart. They are also a very special gift to your loved one.

Taimistotie 4

14200 Turenki

Tel. 358503978084

Company webpage

Iso-Hiisi Manor

Iso-Hiisi Manor Oy is the oldest pick-your-own farm in Finland. You can pick strawberries, bush blueberries, blackcurrants, peas and corn. We also have ready-picked berries and juices for sale and a Café.

Mansikkapellontie 62

14200 Turenki

Tel. 35836883229 Company webpage