EVS- European Voluntary Service

Janakkalan nuorisopalvelut toimivat lähettävänä, vastaanottavana ja koordinoivana tahona eurooppalaisessa vapaaehtoispalvelussa (EVS). EVS- vapaaehtoisia vastaanottavat monenlaiset työyhteisöt. Vapaaehtoistehtäviä on tarjolla esimerkiksi nuoriso-, vammais-, kulttuuri- ja ympäristötyön parissa. Vapaaehtoiset asuvat yleensä vapaaehtoistyöpaikkansa yhteydessä asuntolassa tai soluasunnossa tai paikallisessa isäntäperheessä. EVS-vapaaehtoispalvelun rahoituksesta vastaa Euroopan unioni. EVS –jaksoon sisältyy muun muassa matkat kohdemaahan, täysi ylläpito kohdemaassa, taskuraha,  kattava vakuutus, tuki paikallisen kielen opiskeluun ja lähettävän ja vastaanottavan tahon tuki koko projektin ajaksi. Osallistujan maksettavaksi voi jäädä pieni osa matkakustannuksista.

The European Voluntary service is a project supported by the European Union, in order to create links between the European countries and to give the European youngsters possibilities to go abroad while being voluntary workers in many different fields, such as youth work, cultural activities, social care or environmental protection for example.


The age range to apply is from 17 to 30 years old. All essential coasts related to the volunteering project are covered. Accommodation, local transport and food are provided, as well as a small amount of pocket money. The European Union also provides the volunteers a full insurance.

Each year, the city of Janakkala is hosting two EVS-volunteers from different European countries. This long-term project normally lasts 11 months.  This project is aimed to bring an international touch to the city. The two volunteers are involved in many activities, linked with the children and the teenagers. Such as  spend time and have fun with the youngsters in the Youth centers, being involved in the English lessons in schools, or learn how to work with small kids in the kindergarten, and disabled people in Kiipula, the special school.

The volunteers are bringing their different cultures, knowledges and hobbies in order to share it with the youngsters and the children. Having these two EVS-volunteers is a simple and interesting way to open the young people’s minds about internationality and travelling. The city has already host volunteers from Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Russia, and is currently hosting a Polish and a French girl.


Our PIC number is 947425967

Our accreditation number is 2015-1-FI01-KA110-02235


Janakkalan kunnan vapaaehtoistyöntekijät

Our volunteers in season 2017/2018
Eugenija Motikaite, Lithuania
Christoph Oberladstätter, Austria

Our volunteers in season 2016/2017
Antonina Kardas, Poland
Margot Allain, France

Our volunteers in season 2015/2016
Monika Bozhilova, Bulgaria
Lisa Heilmann, German

Our volunteers in season 2014/2015
Marina Medova, Russia
Juliette Bourlès, France

Our volunteers in season 2013/2014
Anja Pelizaeus, Germany
Jonay Brito Aguilar, Tenerife, Spain


Vapaaehtoistyöntekijän kommentti:

“This EVS project in Janakkala is amazing for me. Later I’d like to be a French or an English teacher abroad, so it allows me to learn a lot about myself, what I want to do, what I can or what I cannot.

Most of all, it’s really interesting to learn in a new way, less scholar and closer to the people, deeper in the human relationships. This is the point in an EVS project. You are not only sharing and teaching. You also receive a lot, thanks to every single person you meet.”