You can find many fantastic tourist attractions in Puuha Bear’s place of domicile, Janakkala.puuhamaa

The milieu of Janakkala village with its medieval stone church, crofter’s museum, summer cafés and nature trails offers you an enjoyable trip to history. Those with nimble feet can on the same trip climb to the top of the gorgeous castle hill of Hakoinen for a picnic. In Janakkala, nature is close everywhere. You only need to take a few steps away from the suburban asphalt and you can already dive into the arms of a mossy forest. Nature in Janakkala offers not only breathtaking views from rigdes and castle hills, damp marshlands with duckboards, fascinating canoe routes, numerous swimming and campfire places and wilderness scenery with its forest ponds, but also illuminated outdoor routes for brisk walks or cross-country skiing.

The civic centers of Tervakoski and Turenki provide you with all the necessary services, they have nice cafés and restaurants and summer terraces. Especially worth mentioning are Restaurant Turenki Station that focuses on organic and local food and the adorable TalliCafé with its gift shop in Tervakoski.

Charming Kiipula opens its doors for tourists even wider than before, offering also accommodation services. Kiipula is located in an area with excellent outdoor opportunities, and they also have a café-shop called Miinantori that sells organic products from their own garden and vegetable gardens.

The event map of Janakkala features e.g. Janakkala Music Days in March, three summer theaters, Janakkala Baroque in summer, KiipFit Trail Run running event in autumn, Christmas opening of Laurinmäki, and a number of other cultural and sports events.



The natural and cultural area of Laurinmäki is a place where history, culture, scenery and nature in its many forms meet.

The whole Laurinmäki area is culturohistorically valuable: in the vicinity of Laurinmäki Crofter's Museum that was established in 1965 you can find Hakoinen Castle, the Spring of Saint Lawrence and the Medieval Church of Janakkala. There is also a crofters' memorial in the museum area, erected by Torpparien muisto ry in 1969, and some trenches dug by Russians in 1915.

Laurinmäki nature trail starts at the Crofter's Museum and follows a two-kilometer route in a diverse forest. The trail leads the hiker to the top of rocky Määkynmäki from which there are spectacular views to the direction of Lake Kernaala and Hakoinen Castle.

In summer there is a charming café in the Yellow House and events are organized in the area all year round.

Hakoistentie 371

14240 Janakkala

Hakoinen Castle

The rocky castle hill of Hakoinen rises strikingly steep from the Tavastian manor landscape. It was believed that the first Häme Castle was located on top of the hill in the Middle Ages and that is no wonder, the shelter provided by the rock and the defence outlooks are easy to imagine. There are still some ruins of the defensive fortress there.

As a reward for the climb, Hakoinen Castle offers stunning views in all directions. What a great place for a summer picnic!

Nearby Hangastenmäki has also turned out to be a castle hill on the basis of archaelogical findings, maybe it has been in use in the same period of time as Hakoinen?

Hakoinen Manor House

14240 Janakkala

Lake Mallinkaistenjärvi

At Lake Mallinkaistenjärvi, there is a municipality-owned forested hiking area, where the hikers have three kotas and a beach at their disposal. In many places along the trails following the lakeside, there are great steep rocks such as Valskerinkallio. At Saparonniemi there grow ash trees and forest lindens that are protected by Nature Conservation Act.

Saureenintie, Löyttymäki

14200 Turenki

Suurisuo swamp

It is easy to get to the swamp along Suurisuo´s duckboards. Suurisuo belongs to Natura network and it is one of the most remarkable swamps in Southern Tavastia. The swamp complex is an example of a Southern Finnish ombrotrophic raised bog which also has some features of a minerotrophic bog. In an ombrotrophic raised bog, the middle part of the swamp is raised, low in nutrients and depends on rain waters. More nutritious waters flow to the edges of the swamp which shows in more eutrophic types of swamps on edge zones. In the swamp, you can see the types of swamps typical of a Southern Finnish ombrotrophic raised bog which are illustrated at pole-marked locations, the brochure and the web pages. Nature in the swamp is diverse, on the edges there are deep forests and pine bogs; in the middle there is a treeless bog. There are numerous endangered and rare plant and insect species and birds at Suurisuo. There is also a bird watching tower and great berry picking areas at Suurisuo.


14200 Turenki

Haukankallio rock

Haukankallio in the village of Leppäkoski forms a wall-like cliff on the edge of Puujoki valley. There are spectacular views on Tavastian landscape from the rock. You can choose from several different routes to climb the rock, a slightly steep hillside trail or a more gentle approach ”from behind”. Naturally, climbing enthusiasts can climb to the top along the upright rock. There is a really pretty grove underneath the rock at the feet of the cliff.


12380 Leppäkoski

View from Haukankallio rock.

Someronlähde spring and ridges

There is an extensive sequence of longitudinal ridges going from Hausjärvi through Janakkala and all the way to Hämeenlinna. It was born after the ice age when currents of melting water from the ice separated different soils from eachother. The rougher grounds formed ridges the soil of which enables the absorption of rainwater and melting water into the groundwater. In fact, the ridges are the secret of the good quality of household water in Janakkala.

The finest open-surfaced spring in the ridge area is Someronlähde. A spring is born when the ground water inside the earth reaches the surface and erupts as surface water. The spring has biota of its own kind which flourishes all year round in cold water and shade.

The trails crisscrossing on top of the ridge and the ridge area are some of the most imposing places to exercise and hike even longer distances. From Turenki, you can hike along the ridge almost persistently to Kolmilammi in Hausjärvi. You can stop for a bit of lunch e.g. near Someronlähde spring at the hut of Janakkalan latu where hikers have a lean-to at their disposal.


14200 Turenki